Here you always find the newest firmware for your DROID modules. The version name consists of a color and a version number. When your DROID starts, the upper eight LEDs will show your firmware version by lighting one or more LEDs in that color. E.g. if 1 + 3 light in blue, the version is blue-13.

The user manual and the firmwares for the X7 expander and the M4 controller are included in the Zip file.

Note: Please join our Discord server and go to #droid-firmwares for newer firmwares, beta versions and discussions about DROID firmwares.

Latest DROID firmware: blue-2

Here is how to install a new firmware on your DROID master:

    1. download the latest firmware file
    2. copy that onto your DROID's micro SD card
    3. rename it to droid.fw (this is important)!
    4. insert the card into your DROID master and press the button

    Note: When you upgrade from a green to a blue version, one extra step is needed. Please have a look into the manual.

    DROID Forge

    The DROID Forge is a graphical application for setting up your DROID master (create DROID patches). That way you don't need to edit the file droid.ini manually.

    DROID Forge 1.1 has been released on March 21, 2023.

    Patch examples

    Here is a ZIP-file with all patches examples from the DROID video series: DROID videos patch examples. If you want to try out one of the example you have to copy it to your DROID's micro SD card and rename the file to droid.ini.

    DROID Gogglepack

    The DROID Googglepack is a contribution from Robert Willner. It contains tools that make editing DROID patches easier. This pack provides language-extensions for Sublime and VSCode.

                  The core features are:
                  • Syntax highlighting for all relevant parts of the droid programming language
                  • Dark & light themes based on Monokai
                  • Code snippets for all circuits (including input & output parameters)
                  • Code snippets that provide a standardized way to describe your patch (and generate print layouts with the webapp)
                  • Easily upload patches via sysex with your X7 expander
                  • Integrated HTML-file-builder that allows you to:
                  • print your patch configuration and description (hardware-layout / inputs / outputs / variablenamings)
                  • map input & output registers to variables very easily so you don't have to think about register-numberings anymore
                  • provide quick access for other users to understand (and reuse) your patches or only snippets

    Please visit the Homepage of DROID Gogglepack.