Find the latest firmware for your DROID modules below. Explore the most recent version with all the new features - and fixed bugs of course.

If you need help, want to report bugs, discuss ideas or are interested in trying out beta versions, please join our Discord server.


Latest DROID firmware: blue-5

Droid blue-5 has been released on April 12, 2024.

Here's how to install the new firmware on your DROID master:

    1. Download the firmware package and unzip it.
    2. Copy firmware/droid-blue-5.fw to your DROID's micro SD card.
    3. Rename it to droid.fw
    4. Insert the card into your DROID master and press the button.
    5. You might need to adapt your patches. Please read the release notes.
    6. Don't forget to update your DROID Forge to version 1.5.

    Important note:

    • When the update to a firmware fails with all LEDS of the master flashing magenta, your bootloader needs to be updated. This is done by the following steps:
      • Put the firmware file (droid.fw) of the version that you are currently running onto the SD card.
      • Go into mainenance mode. One of the LEDs should be blue. This means that your bootloader can be upgraded.
      • Select this item and do the upgrade. After that you can proceed with the next Droid firmware version.
      You find older firmwares here:
    Older release notes:

    DROID Forge 1.5

    DROID Forge 1.5 has been released on April 12, 2024.

    The DROID Forge is our app providing a smoothly designed graphic user interface for conveniently setting up your DROID master and creating DROID patches. If you want to use the Droid blue-5 firmware, you need version 1.5 of the DROID Forge.

    However, if you prefer editing DROID patches with a text editor, you can of course still do it "the old way".

    Patch examples

    Here is a ZIP-file with all patches examples from the DROID video series: DROID videos patch examples. If you want to try out one of the example you have to copy it to your DROID's micro SD card and rename the file to droid.ini.

    DROID Gogglepack

    The DROID Gogglepack is a contribution from Robert Willner. It contains tools that make editing DROID patches easier. This pack provides language-extensions for Sublime and VSCode. The core features are:

    • Syntax highlighting for all relevant parts of the droid programming language
    • Dark & light themes based on Monokai
    • Code snippets for all circuits (including input & output parameters)
    • Code snippets that provide a standardized way to describe your patch (and generate print layouts with the webapp)
    • Easily upload patches via sysex with your X7 expander
    • Integrated HTML-file-builder that allows you to:
    • print your patch configuration and description (hardware-layout / inputs / outputs / variablenamings)
    • map input & output registers to variables very easily so you don't have to think about register-numberings anymore
    • provide quick access for other users to understand (and reuse) your patches or only snippets

      Check out the DROID Gogglepack.