DROID Videos

This is the official video series on DROID, the universal CV processor. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel, so you will be informed about each new video directly after it has published.

Droid Forge - Getting started
This video shows you how to create a first Droid patch with the Droid Forge. That's our free graphical application for configuring the Droid.
Episode 1
This is the official public introduction of DROID, the universal CV processor. I give a short overview of how the DROID looks like and what it can do for you.
Episode 2
I show you how to get up and running with your DROID. We mount it into a case and write some simple configurations with some LFOs (these configurations are called "DROID patches"). This we do step by step using a Windows 10 PC.
Episode 3
In this video we go into the details of DROID patching for the first time. I show you step by step all the possibilities you have in such a patch, e.g. how to use the inputs and outputs, how DROID deals with voltages and numbers, how to connect the circuits inside the DROID like in a modular system and much more.
Episode 4
In this video I show you how to use the P2B8 controllers. Each one contains two potentiometers and eight buttons and you can attach up to 16 such controllers to one DROID master. Then you can assign arbitrary functions and parameters from your DROID patches to these knobs and buttons.
Episode 5
In this video I show you how to use the G8 expander. This expander is 4HP and gives you eight additional jacks to be controlled by the DROID. Each of them can be used as gate input or output. You can use them for tasks like clocks, reset, triggers, gates and CVs that just need the levels 0V and 5V.
Episode 6
This is the first video where we actually look at what the DROID can really do! As a first circuit we have a look at the CV looper. It allows you to record and replay any CV in a loop. Key features are clocked mode (which allows perfect synchronisation with your music) and gated operation (which allows overdubbing, temporary override and other stuff). Also have in mind that you are not limited on one CV looper. You can loop many CVs in parallel.
Episode 7
In this video I show you a very advanced and important circuit of the DROID: the Algoquencer. It is a melody and trigger sequencer that combines ideas of "pseudo random" melodies as known from the Turing machine, classical sequencers and completely new controls.
Episode 8
I show you the example patch that the DROID comes preloaded with. It's a very musical combination of a step sequencer, melody generator, several quantizers and an envelope. And most of all I make some very nice music with this patch. Please enjoy!
Episode 9
In this video I explain the example patch, which I've introduced in episode 8, in detail. We go through all circuit defintions and at the end you will understand every circuit and every input and output.
Episode 10
Today I show you how you can upgrade the firmware of the DROID. And that is really easy!
Episode 11
In this episode I show you how you can switch between multiple DROID patches on one SD card.
Episode 12
In this episode I show you how you can build an octave switch for a VCO and how you can get a VCO track perfectly over many octaves - even a badly calibrated one.
Episode 13
Today I show you a very flexible trigger sequencer built with the DROID. It combines the features of manual and algorithmic rhythms and I play four drum voices with it.
Episode 14
In this video I show you how the drum sequencer from the last video is constructed.
Episode 15
This time I show you how you can create a very musical quantizer with the DROID - much similar to the Sinfonion.